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"B" litter TOUCH OF EMPATHY - born 3.1.2012



Tibicinan Emotif Beauté                x                Grogs von Shangri-La

   Health tests of both parents: HD A/A, PL 0/0, PLL, NCL (DNA)- non-carriers




                        BON (male) - lives in Slovakia                   




BASTIAN (male) - lives in Slovakia (Košice), JuniorChamp. of RO, RS; Champ. of SK, RO, RS, GrandChamp. of  RO, BOG III, 12x BOB, BOS, 8x CACIB, 16x CAC, 5x CACJ




BJORG (male) - lives in Slovakia




BRIONA (female) - lives in Switzerland








(Grogs von Shangri-La x Tibicinan Emotif Beauté) - born 12.06.2009 (2 males, 3 females)


AMY (female, "Bella") - lives in Finland (Valtimo); VP 1, BOB-Puppy, CAC, R. CAC, Best Bitch 2nd, 3rd




AUDREY (female, "Basja") - lives in Russia (Perm); Champ. of RU, RKF, 4x CAC, Best Bitch, BOB




AYLEN (female) - lives in Russia (Vladivostok); Champ. of RU, CN, Eurasia, RKF, JCh. RU, Qualification for Crutfs 2013, BOB-Puppy, 5x CAJC, 5x JBOB, 14x CAC, 10x CACIB, 9x BOB, BOG II  




AINSLEY (male) -  living in Slovakia (Gelnica)




  ASHLEY (male, "Koby") - lives in Spain (Valencia)