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         Welcome to our tibetan terriers web-site! My admiration for this breed began in 1995 when I took puppy-male from the kennel ROSINA (family Kadaš, Žilina, Slovakia). Adar Rosina was wonderful inside as well as outwardly and I was very satisfied with his character. I visited also several shows with him (Champ. of Poland, 5x BOB, 8x CAC, Slovak Winner 1997, 1999, 2000, etc.). After his death, I have not thought over a long time and I have decided for this charming breed again. I found successful kennel SHANGRI-LA in Hungary (family Turák) where I chose tricolor male-Grogs. Two years later, female Tibicinan Emotif Beauté came to us from the Finnish kennel TIBICINAN of Susanna Rusanen. Both our dogs finished Interchampion title and are Champions/Grandchampions of many countries (SK, AT, PL, RO, RS, UA). In 2009, Grogs and Beauté had first litter of 5 lovely puppies (3 females-Amy, Audrey, Aylen, 2 males-Ainsley, Ashley) under the name of kennel "TOUCH OF EMPATHY".  They live in Finland, Russia, Spain, and Slovakia and two of them are already champions. Second litter of 4 cute puppies (3 males-Bastian, Bjorg, Bon, 1 female-Briona) was born in January 2012. Among them, Bastian impressed me to continue our TT story from now on... Now, we have new family member - lowchen Eros from careful breeder Corti Dimitri in Italy.